Tall Clover


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Lay in the clover at sunset and feel the peace come over you. This is one of my happy places, and sharing it with you like this feels special and intimate. Nothing can go wrong here, and I want you to get to share that moment with me. The prints absolutely glow with the warmth of sunset, taking full advantage of their unique metallic printing process and medium.

If you’d like your print to arrive ready to hang, select either foam board mounting or plaque mounting. The foam board is medium density black foam that is easy to attach without nails or marring your walls. The prints are not laminated, and this is not recommended for hanging in areas like kitchens or bathrooms where it will be exposed to a lot of steam. Plaque mounting is incredibly sturdy and elegant. It comes with a keyhole in the wood, and is easy to mount with a single nail. It’s laminated and will withstand conditions wherever you choose to hang it. All prints are archival quality and will not fade or lose color over time.

If you select a ready-to-hang plaque mounted print, it will be are mounted to premium fiberboard and then sealed and protected by tough, durable and washable laminate. The laminate gives the photograph a gorgeous velvety finish, allowing the details of the print to shine through. We use ph balanced laminates and acid free adhesives, providing years of protection and a lifetime of enjoyment. Images are protected from UV light, moisture, dust and fingerprints. The edges are shaped and colored black. A keyhole on the back allows for easy hanging.

Please note: All photographs are custom printed at the time you place your order. Photographs will be shipped within 3 business days. Add up to 7 days for plaque mounting.

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12 x 12, 8 x 8, 5 x 5


1/2" Foam Board, Plaque Mounted, Print Only